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Show your customers that they are important to you:

Receive suggested responses to your customer reviews from Review Parrot - in your individual communication style!

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Intuitive handling, as you are used to from your rating portals



Suggested responses to all your reviews within seconds



Answers in your own communication style



Competent responses to positive & negative reviews

About Review Parrot

All reviews answered – with just one click

Review Parrot is an AI-based extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox for use in your review portals.
The tool scans all your customer reviews and writes reply suggestions for you.


Since the Review Parrot is equipped with artificial intelligence, it recognizes whether reviews are positive or negative and reacts accordingly. If there are suggestions for improvement in the review, it also integrates these into its always friendly and professional responses.

Your benefits

Professional answers
in the style of your company

Because parrots are not only very clever but also like to imitate, the Review Parrot copies the style of your existing answers. This ensures that all feedback sounds as if it came from your pen.


For you, this means not only a massive time saving but also a thoroughly professional appearance of your company to the outside world.


Bind your customers to your company by valuing their feedback – get help from Review Parrot!

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Who the Review Parrot is suitable for

You will especially benefit from the AI-based solution for review responses in …




Hotel Industry


Online Shops


5 steps to a professional answer

  1. Install the extension
  2. Log in to the review portal and Review Parrot Extension with your company account
  3. Sit back and relax – let the Review Parrot to work for you.
  4. Check the suggested answers and submit them directly or make individual adjustments
  5. Use the time saved for productive to-dos or an extended coffee break.


The Review Parrot is an extension for the most common browsers:


Google Chrome



coming soon


Microsoft Edge


The extension is suitable for these portals

Currently, the Review Parrot Extension is available for the Google Business Review Backend.


Other portals are in the works, so that you will soon be able to rely on Review Parrot in every way.


Google Business


coming soon



coming soon

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    The most frequently asked questions about the Review Parrot

    • Install the Review Parrot Plugin, log in and sit back. The Review Parrot evaluates the style of your already published responses and generates response suggestions for all unanswered reviews using artificial intelligence. You can publish these directly or refine them individually. Haven’t written any responses yet? No problem! Read more in the answer to “I have never written a reply before – can I still use Review Parrot?”

    • Melden Sie sich hier für die Nutzung des Review Parrots an. Register here to use Review Parrot. Install the plugin, log in with your created user data and off you go!

    • No, Review Parrot only generates suggested answers that are stored in the answer field. This gives you the freedom to refine the answers and you still retain control over all answers on your behalf.

    • Review Parrot generates suggestions for all unanswered reviews, which you can publish manually with one click. These fit in perfectly with your existing response style. If you do need to make refinements, the answers can be adapted as usual with a click in the answer field. If you don’t like the generated answer at all, simply use the “Generate New” button.

    • No, as the tool is oriented towards your individual response style and also uses this for its response suggestions, it is not noticeable that the responses do not come from your pen. In addition, all answers are individually adapted to the customer review and therefore always look different.

    • You are not forever bound to the response style that Review Parrot captures when you first use the extension. By clearing the cache, you send Review Parrot off to learn your new response style. To do this, open the login window and click on “Settings”. Select “Clear Cache” – it’s that easy.

    • Of course you can! Simply create your response style together with the Review Parrot. Let the Extension generate answer suggestions for you for the first time. Adapt them individually to your preferences and requirements and publish them. Adapt them individually to your preferences and requirements and publish them. Once you have published at least 10 answers, open the settings in the login window and delete the cache . Your next answers will be in your style!